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Did you know that a staggering 63% of published books sell less than 5,000 copies in their lifetime? In today's competitive market, an ideal manuscript alone isn't enough. American Book Authors goes beyond writing. Our team of marketing specialists connects you with potential readers using tried-and- true tactics. To make sure your book reaches the right crowd, we provide full book marketing services. From creating a fascinating synopsis to creating an online presence, we'll develop an effective marketing plan to draw attention to your book and catch readers' interest.

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We Craft Audience-Obsessed Narratives

Your story deserves to be heard. Our expert writers can turn your vision into ready-worthy narratives that will leave people wanting more.

Reach Your Readers

Imagine capturing the minds of the audience with your story. We develop customized marketing plans that put you in front of readers who are hungry for books in your category. We ensured that the people who are going to appreciate your voice the most are hearing it.

Bring Your Inner Authorpreneur Out

Are you prepared to make your passion your successful career? We provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to succeed in the publishing industry. To make you a successful authorpreneur, we handle the fundamentals of branding, marketing, and audience interaction.nts of our clients.

Stress Less, Sell More

We put your writing first and make you forget about marketing hassles. From strategy to implementation, we take care of the promotional workload. We make sure that your book reaches the proper readers with the help of data-driven campaigns and expert assistance, increasing sales while you write stories.

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Workflow for Your Book's Success

Audience Analysis

We start by studying your genre and target audience. Knowing the characteristics of your readers will help us identify what kind of marketing techniques and campaign will yield the best results.

Marketing Strategy

With all the required information in hand, our experts are now in the perfect position to create a detailed book marketing plan that will ensure your hard work meets the right audience.

Campaign Execution

With the plan completed and approved by you, now’s the time to release the KRAKEN! We initiate the marketing campaign and ensure everything keeps on moving smoothly.

Evaluation & Reporting

After a certain period of time, we will start evaluating the results and create detailed reports of all the success the marketing campaign is creating for your book and just how effective things have been so far!

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